During the COVID-19 pandemic, SADO offices are closed and SADO staff is working from home. We are still receiving and processing mail weekly. All of our mail is being redirected to our Lansing office. For the foreseeable future, please address all letters to our Lansing office at: 200 N Washington Sq, Suite 250, Lansing, MI 48913. Clients or others who need to contact us can continue to call 313-256-9833 and use the directory to dial extensions by name.

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COVID-19 Pleadings and Resources for Attorneys and Advocates

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important for the defender community to advocate for the release of incarcerated individuals. Keeping people unnecessarily incarcerated dangers public health and safety. SADO has created and gathered sample pleadings, information, and resources here. This page will be continually updated. Read More.

SADO Among Defenders Calling for Release of Vulnerable Michiganders

Tens of thousands of people are held in Michigan jails and prisons that leave them particularly vulnerable to public health crises. The ongoing Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic puts these individuals at heightened risk and jeopardizes the health of the entire state. We urge several basic measures to protect the health of all Michiganders, including the immediate release of individuals at the highest risk of health complications from the virus, the release of some of those held in pretrial detention, the administrative adjournment of cases in which a person is not incarcerated, and the provision of essential resources to combat the spread of illness for those who continue to be detained. Read more

News from Project Reentry about COVID-19

SADO's Project Reentry has a message for formerly incarcerated individuals and other community members about COVID-19. Read More.

Project Reentry Publishes Newsletter for Returning Citizens

The Drum: Articles, Stories, and Resources for the JLWOP Community

The April 2020 issue of The Drum is now available. The Drum is a publication, produced by SADO’s Project Reentry, featuring articles by and for former juvenile lifers returning to the community. The Drum also identifies a wide variety of resources for returning citizens, including financial budgeting, employment opportunities, and community tips. This month's issue features articles on how to cope, stay safe, and even find work during the COVID-19 crisis, a citizen spotlight on Stanley Fowle, an introduction to team member Asha Bush, recipes for the times, and more! Read More

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