SADO Conducts Sentencing Trainings Around Michigan

SADO Offers Expertise in Training and Advocacy for Indigent Defendants
With generous grant funding from the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES) SADO offers multiple free training opportunities around the State of Michigan for practitioners to stay up to date on the latest case law in an effort to provide the highest quality of representation for indigent defendants.  Assistant Defender Jacqueline McCann, principal author of the Defender Plea, Sentencing and Post-Conviction Book, was the trainer for a multi-campus event this spring to educate the defense bar on the Use of COMPAS at Sentencing.  Ms. McCann also trained in Petoskey on the Michigan Felony Sentencing Law Update, and in Marquette in an Advanced Felony Sentencing Seminar.  At the Marquette training, Ms. McCann was joined by SADO's Social Worker Nicole George, and Assistant Defender Jacqueline Ouvry, to provide training on Holistic Justice Approaches at Sentencing, with tips and tricks for attorneys to use to maximize their advocacy for clients at sentencing.  All of the trainings are recorded and available to view on our website, and the materials are maintained on our Sentencing Guidelines Collection webpage.  Watch for upcoming trainings from SADO at the Wayne County Criminal Advocacy Program Seminars this fall, and subscribe today for access to the Defender Books online, or order a copy of the Annotated Sentencing Guidelines manual.