SADO Upcoming Events and Appearances

SADO looks forward to the October 31, 2011 argument in the United States Supreme Court by our own Valerie Newman on behalf of the Respondent in Lafler v Cooper, Docket No. 10-209.  In this case, where Anthony Cooper’s lawyer wrongly advised his client to reject a guilty plea, the Court is considering whether ineffective assistance of counsel at the plea bargaining stage should provide a remedy on appeal where there was a fair trial.  Briefs and a summary of the case can be found through the  United States Supreme Court website.

Meanwhile, business as usual around SADO at this time of year means a busy month of arguments in the Michigan Supreme Court.  On October 6, 2011, SADO’s Doug Baker will argue for the appellant in People v Michael Joseph Parks and that same day SADO’s Jacqueline McCann will argue for the appellant in People v Scott Bennett Harris.  Good Luck SADO!