SADO/CDRC Expert Witnesses Database Updated

The Expert Witnesses Database on SADO’s website has been updated with transcripts from 100 recent cases featuring expert witnesses in a variety of fields, such as Alcohol Blood Analysis, Forensic Accounting, and Memory Disorders.  The database is available to CDRC subscribers and contains cases from throughout Michigan.  You can find it by selecting “Expert Witnesses” from the dropdown menu under the “Search” tab or under the “Locator” tab on the SADO homepage.  The “Locate an Expert” page is searchable by expert name, expertise, type (prosecution or defense), and county.  Each search category has a dropdown menu listing all entries in that category. You can also view all experts or all areas of expertise by clicking on the links on the right side of the page.

Once you select an entry (e.g., “Cell Phone Detail Records Analysis”), you will see a list of all the cases matching your entry.  Under the heading for each case, you will see an offset list of the links to the transcript volumes in which the expert testified.  You can also select the “view all transcripts in this case” link if you wish to see more context for the expert’s testimony (e.g., how the testimony was used in opening or closing statements).

The Expert Witness Database is populated by transcripts from SADO cases and cases of our subscribers. If you have transcripts containing expert witness testimony that you would like to contribute to the database, please contact Bill Moy at