SADO's Project Reentry Presents "Your Best Life Reentry Workshop Series"

Next Workshop: TBA

SADO’s Project Reentry facilitates the Your Best Life Reentry Workshop Series aimed at assisting returning citizens with essential life skills necessary for a successful transition home. These workshops are primarily geared toward reentering juvenile lifers, but all returning citizens are welcome.

Past Workshops

SADO has hosted 14 workshops in 2017 and 2018:

Technology Part 1: Detroit Public Library employees presented on internet safety and online job searches.

Support Group Roundtable: Facilitated by SADO staff, attendees shared their experiences since release and discussed the need for a strong support network.

Technology Part 2: SADO staff presented on internet safety, security, privacy and social network services.

Career Readiness: Attendees learned about job interviews and worked on job applications.

Budgeting and Financing: Attendees learned about money management.

Life Mapping: Attendees learned techniques and strategies for achieving success in personal, social, and professional settings.

Building Your Credit:  Attendees learned how to build credit to eventually qualify for a car loan or mortgage.

Building Positive Relationships After Returning Home:  Attendees engaged in interactive learning about the best was to build positive and mutually beneficial relationships.

Taxpayer Information Session: Attendees engaged in interactive learning around paying taxes, filing a tax return, and resolving issues with the Internal Revenue Service.

Eastern Market Workshop: Attendees learned about eating healthy on a budget and how to navigate to and around the Eastern Market.

The Restaurant Opportunities Center: Attendees learned about available careers in the flourishing restaurant industry.

Yoga and Mindfulness: The workshop included gentle yoga, grounding breathing exercises, and mindfulness exercises.

Reentry Roundtable: The workshop provided a space for dialogue on issues returning citizens face in the community.

Mental Wellness Workshop The workshop explored common mental health issues that returned citizens might encounter, resources for receiving services, and more!

Upcoming Workshop

Holiday and Graduation Celebration - Tuesday, December 11, 5:30 - 7:30 pm: Returning citizens can celebrate the holidays with SADO staff and say farewell to graduating Project Reentry team members.

Find the Holiday and Graduation Celebration flyer here.

Read more about the Your Best Life Reentry Workshop Series here.