CDAM Task Force on Fees Can Help

Attorneys who wish to contest the adequacy of fees for their own services, or those of experts and investigators, can obtain guidance from the longstanding Task Force on Fees of the Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan (CDAM).  Organized by Frank Eaman and Dawn Van Hoek, this CDAM effort is intended to support those taking criminal assignments at both trial and appellate levels, when requests to appoint experts or investigators are denied, or payments are unreasonably low.  De-pending on the situation, assistance with litigating claims may be provided.  Most recently, Mr. Eaman successfully handled the fee claim in In re Atchison, unpublished Court of Appeals opinion of 1-29-12, Docket No. 292281, available at

All assigned counsel are reminded to keep good records of time expended in cases headed for fee litigation, a key element of successful claims.

Additional fee-related resources are located at