Upcoming Events

Date Org. Event Location
January 10-11, 2019 NACDL Race Matters II: “The Impact of Race on Criminal Justice” Los Angeles, CA
January 11, 2019 CAP Michigan Supreme Court Update C.A.Y.M.C in Detroit, MI
January 20-23, 2019 NACDL Winning Strategies for the Defense Aspen, CO
January 25, 2019 CAP Law Practice Management & Attorney Grievance Issues C.A.Y.M.C in Detroit, MI
February 8, 2019 CAP Search & Seizure C.A.Y.M.C in Detroit, MI
February 13-16, 2019 NACDL Preventing Wrongful Convictions Phoenix, AZ
February 13, 2019 SADO/MAACS How to Challenge Court-Ordered Financial Obligations for Incarcerated Individuals Webinar
February 22, 2019 CAP Michigan Rules of Evidence C.A.Y.M.C in Detroit, MI
March 27-29, 2019 MABBCF Michigan Appellate Bench Bar Conference Plymouth, MI
April 5-6, 2019 NACDL Making Sense of Science Las Vegas, NV
April 30, 2019 CDRC Sentencing Law Update 121 S. Church St. Hastings, MI 49058