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MPC - The Hero’s Journey: An Intro to Story Telling in Action

Time: October 15, 2017
Location: Birmingham, MI

Presented by the Michigan Psychodrama Center, this small workshop will be given in Birmingham Michigan on October 15, 2017 and is limited to not more than 15 participants.  In 1949 Joseph Campbell first published his seminal work “Hero with a Thousand Faces.” In it, he shares his insights that became known as the Hero’s Journey.  This universal story structure is found in oral storytelling, myth, religion and mythic traditions. The pattern of creation and destruction describes the prototypical adventure of the archetype, the protagonist Hero, who leaves the comforts of home and embarks on a journey to receive and achieve great gifts which are then brought back to the group, tribe, or civilization.  In this one-day introduction to psychodrama workshop, participants will learn how to apply this model to their own life-story and the stories of others. Action learning will be employed using archetypes that exemplify the journey; both those universal and personal. The goal of the workshop is to learn a model to utilize to warm up and begin the process of storytelling in action. Lawyers can use these methods to more powerfully tell their client’s stories at trial.  The cost is $45-$110, and registration is available via or visit