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NACDL - Spring Meeting & Seminar

Time: April 18-21, 2018
Location: New York, NY

NACDL will present its 2018 Spring Meeting and Seminar “Search, Seizure & Criminal Litigation” at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York, New York. At this 2-day seminar, our nationally recognized faculty of experts and leading litigators will provide their expertise on the latest Fourth Amendment issues including how applies to 21st century communications. You will learn practical tips on litigating computer searches, auto searches, border searches, Title III wiretaps, FISA warrants, warrantless searches of historical cell-phone records, and you will acquire the skills necessary to use suppression as a discovery tool, what creative motions to file, and how to preserve issues for appeal. Most importantly, you will be provided with the strategic tools and arguments to protect your client from the fruits of unreasonable searches, seizures, or other law enforcement intrusions using traditional means or with modern technology.

Program agenda, online registration and additional information available here.