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MABBCF - Michigan Appellate Bench Bar Conference

Time: March 27-29, 2019
Location: Plymouth, MI

The 2019 Michigan Appellate Bench Bar Conference will be March 27-29, 2019, at The Inn at St. John’s Conference Center in Plymouth, Michigan. 

This conference is appellate-focused and the criminal breakouts include: 

1. Expanding the Facts on Appeal: Motions to Remand and Judicial Notice
In this session, we will discuss the development of off-record facts through motions to remand, evidentiary hearings, and judicial notice. 
Moderators: Katherine Marcuz and Jason Williams

2. Evidentiary Standards and Changes in Technology
In this session, we will discuss how changes in technology might affect the court’s standard of review when analyzing video or audio evidence or testimony.
Moderators: Stuart Friedman and Nathan Collison 

3. Offense Variables, Juvenile Lifer Resentencings, and Other Fact-Intensive Sentencing Questions
In this session, we will discuss appellate review from fact-driven records in standard felony cases and juvenile life without parole cases.
Moderators: Erin Van Campen and James Benison  

4. Stating the Facts in the Statement of Facts
In this session, we will discuss best practices for writing a compelling and accurate Statement of Facts that will aid the court when analyzing the legal issues presented.
Moderators: Brad Hall and Linus Banghart-Linn 

Brochure available, here.

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