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ICBA - Criminal Case Self-Discovery and Investigation

Time: December 7, 2018
Location: Lansing, MI

On Friday, December 7, 2018, the Ingham County Bar Association Criminal Defense Law Section presents Criminal Case Self-Discovery and Investigation – a presentation by Michael J. Nichols of the Nichols Law Firm. 

In a criminal case, prosecutors bear the burden of proof to prove a case beyond a reasonable doubt, but it often doesn’t feel like it as a defense attorney facing a jury. As a defense attorney, you’ll want to perform a thorough investigation of your own to zealously demonstrate innocence or reasonable doubt by developing alternate theories of the case based on the evidence, developing impeachment topics for key witnesses, and generally getting the bigger picture for the evidence against your client – rather than waiting and trusting the prosecutor to have everything and provide it to you. Oftentimes, performing your own investigation will turn up evidence that the prosecutor’s office did not have and/or would not have to turn over to you.
At the presentation, Mr. Nichols will present on how performing independent investigation including the use of the Freedom of Information Act requests, subpoenas, independent investigators, private polygraphs, and independent interview of witnesses among other tactics can lead to useful evidence that may change or shape a case in order to get the best result for a client. Mr. Nichols will also go over the importance of a complete and thorough discovery demand request and provide a copy of such to attendees.
The presentation will begin at 9:15am and will be held at the State Bar of Michigan located at 306 Townsend Street.
Please RSVP to ICBA-CDLS co-chairperson Chris Wickman at if you plan on attending. 

This event is provided free of charge. You do not need to be a member of the ICBA to attend though we hope you’ll consider joining!