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NAPD - Representing Transgender and Non-Binary Clients: A Skills-Based Approach

Time: September 28, 2020
Location: Online

Do you have transgender or non-binary clients and want to be better at interacting with and advocating for them? Do you not have clients you know to be trans or non-binary but wonder if you could do a better job communicating with them and advocating for them in a client-centered way?  This course will help you gain hands-on experience with key skills that will help you have deeper, more comfortable and more client-centered conversations with your transgender or non-binary clients.

During the last part of the course, you will have the option to bring your own case or project you are working on involving a transgender or non-binary person to workshop or to work with some of the materials in the course.

About the Faculty: Connor Barusch (he/they) is a transgender public defender and pubilc defender trainer in Massachusetts. Barusch developed this course using the decade of experience he has as a public defender working with his own clients as well as consulting with other public defenders in Massachusetts and throughout the country with questions about working with trans and non-binary clients and witnesses and work as a trans activist and trainer since 2003.

Online registration, agenda and additional information here.