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SADO/MAACS - Preparing an Effective Motion for Bond Pending Appeal

Time: October 13, 2020 - 3-4:00 pm
Location: Zoom

Every lawyer has a toolkit. Some tools we use more than others, but the more tools in the kit, the better. Appeal bonds are one of those seldom used tools. Like a crowfoot wrench, you don't often reach for an appeal bond. When you do, it helps to know how to use it. This session will cover all the nuts and bolts of appeal bonds. We'll give a close read of the controlling statutes and court rules. We'll cover the precedent. And, we'll troubleshoot ways to collect the factual information you need to make a persuasive motion. Register here. 

Faculty: Matt Monahan is an Assistant Defender at SADO. Prior to SADO, he clerked for Judge Laurie Michelson on the Eastern District of Michigan. Prior to that he attended law school at Northwestern University and prior to that he taught high school on Chicago’s Westside.  He loves his wife, pit bulls of all shapes and sizes, the Grateful Dead, and the Chicago White Sox.

Register here.