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SADO/MAACS - Our Perspective: Voices of Appellate Clients, Darryl Woods, Sr., DeAndre Carter, Kenneth Nixon

Time: October 15, 2021 - 1-2:30pm
Location: Zoom

In this session, appellate lawyers will hear from people directly impacted by the system. The panelists will share their views on what it was like to be represented by appointed counsel on appeal.

Min. Darryl Woods dedicated his life to Christ earlier on during his 29 years of incarceration. He became a minister and helped lead countless men to salvation. He organized church services; revivals; gospel concerts; mentoring program and many baptismal and other Christian outreach programs. He Chaired the NAACP Detroit Branch Prison Program Committee for over a decade and served on the Board of Directors of Chance for Life.

On any given day you might find him speaking to an audience of thousands or urban planning with politicians, billionaires and pastors. Not quite what you would expect from an inmate who up until recently was serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole. And in a city at the mercy of violence and repeat offenders, where no parolee is guaranteed successful reform, Darryl Woods Sr. is proving himself the ultimate bounce-back story and proof that any person can not only rebuild their lives, but commit themselves to building the community around them.

While incarcerated, Woods led thousands of youth and prisoners to transformation. Through his RESTART Youth Deterrent™ Program and PRISON Deterrent™ Program, Woods worked tirelessly to both close the school to prison pipeline and reduce recidivism for parolees. Darryl collaborated with judges and community leaders to bring in 30-50 at risk youth per month to participate workshops and trainings. Darryl partnered with the FBI, DEA, US Attorney Office, city officials and countless leaders who flocked to volunteer at sessions and special events. Through various fundraising campaigns, Darryl raised over $100,000 for scholarships, school supplies and other charitable causes. In addition, Darryl partnered with corporations to provide summer jobs for youth and permanent positions for returning citizens.

DeAndre Carter is an Educational Instructor at Youth Development Corporation, USA in Saginaw, Michigan. YDC is a non-profit organization whose mission is to advance underserved youth and adults by expanding accessibility in education, training, and career placement within the skilled trades industry. This is a pre and post option for individuals, where we provide tools to prevent those going to prison and give access to resources to assist others that have already entered that world. We here at YDC take pride in putting the work in with our students. DeAndre is a Certified Instructor in NCCER (National Center for Construction and Research), and also helps students gain their GED and High school diploma. DeAndre previously served 17 years in prison for drug possession and has only been home for about six months. Since returning, he has been going to school fulltime as well as working fulltime. While incarcerated, he managed to get an Associates in Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship that he’s continuing to build upon. DeAndre’s journey into re-entry and society has just begun. “I’m looking forward to putting in the work to play my part in helping the same society that I've taken so much from.”


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