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SADO/MAACS - Preparing for the PSIR Interview

Time: October 21, 2021 - 10-11am
Location: Zoom

Participating in the PSIR Interview is an incredibly important part of representing our clients well, but the most important work actually takes place prior to the interview. In this session, we will talk about what will be covered in the PSIR Interview, how to ensure your client has provided all the necessary paperwork and documentation, and how to prepare your client to put their best foot forward in the interview itself.

Anna C. White is an Assistant Public Defender with the Ottawa County Office of the Public Defender and has been practicing since 2012. Anna has been on faculty for PSIR training as well as trial skills training. Before becoming an attorney, Anna practiced as a Social Worker working with victims of Domestic and Sexual Violence. Anna believes strongly in client-centered representation and the importance of seeing our clients as the unique individuals they are in each and every case.


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