26th Circuit Court - Alpena, Montmorency Counties

Circuit Court

1 - 26th Circuit Court
Montmorency County Courthouse
12265 M-32
Atlanta MI49709
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2 - 26th Circuit Court
Alpena County Courthouse
720 W. Chisholm St.
Alpena MI49707
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District Court

1 - 88th District Court
Montmorency County Courthouse
12265 M-32
Atlanta MI49709
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2 - 88th District Court
Alpena County Office Building
719 W. Chisholm St.
Alpena MI49707
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Michigan Court of Appeals

Fourth District
Hall of Justice
925 West Ottawa St, PO Box 30022
Lansing MI48909-7522
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26th Judicial Circuit of Michigan - Alpena and Montmorency Counties

26th Circuit Court is a multi-county circuit including Alpena and Montmorency Counties.

Circuit Court is the trial court of general jurisdiction in Michigan for civil actions, claims and remedies within the county except for matters handled by District and Probate Court. Circuit Court has jurisdiction over civil cases with amounts over $25,000, cases involving land and all criminal matters that carry a one-year sentence or more. District Court handles those cases involving disputes of $25,000 or less. Also included are equitable claims, such as specific performance of sales of land, injunctive relief and certain statutory exclusive jurisdictions, such as mortgage foreclosures and construction lien foreclosures. The Circuit Court also hears cases appealed from lower courts and from some administrative agencies of state government. In addition, the Circuit Court has superintending control over other courts within the judicial circuit, subject to final superintending control of the Supreme Court. Quiet Title actions affecting real property are heard in Circuit Court.

Alpena County

In Alpena County, Criminal/Civil Motion Days are held twice monthly on Mondays, and Domestic Motion Days are held twice monthly on Tuesdays all before the Honorable Michael G. Mack. There may be exceptions due to holidays or vacation scheduling.

Montmorency County

In Montmorency, Criminal/Civil/Domestic Motion Days are held twice monthly on Mondays before the Honorable Michael G. Mack.

Alpena County Courthouse
720 W. Chisholm St.
Alpena, MI 49707
(989) 354-9573

All Court offices are open 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and are closed from noon to 1:00 p.m. for lunch.


Alpena County Prosecutor
County Annex
719 W. Chisholm, Ste #2
Alpena, MI 49707-2452

Tel: (989) 354-9738
Fax:  (989) 354-9788

Ed Black
Alpena County Prosecutor


Montmorency County Prosecutor
12265 M 32
PO Box 789
Atlanta, MI  49709

Phone: (989) 785-8070
Fax: (989) 785-8071
e-Mail: montprosecutor@yahoo.com

Terrie J. Case
Montmorency County Prosecutor

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