CDRC Subscriptions

SADO’s Criminal Defense Resource Center offers resources, services, and trainings to criminal defense practitioners throughout the state. SADO’s print resources may be purchased by subscribers and non-subscribers alike.

SADO's CDRC Web Subscribers have access to the following resources:

  • Defender Book Series (Defender Trial Book, Plea, & Sentencing Post-Conviction Book, Motions Book, and Habeas Book); available online, in print, and on USB flash drive.
  • SADO’s Sentencing Guidelines Manual Annotated containing up-to-date case law in a convenient sized book.
  • Criminal Defense Newsletter – 8 to 12 issues published throughout the year.
  • Access to SADO’s Brief Bank where users can find pleadings filed by SADO attorneys in the trial and appellate courts.
  • Appellate case summaries delivered to your inbox regularly.
  • Expert Witness Database containing transcripts from experts testifying throughout the state; the database is searchable by expert name, type, and county.
  • Misconduct Database containing misconduct documents relating to police officers throughout the state; the database is searchable by officer name, county, and misconduct type.
  • User Pleadings Database containing pleadings filed by SADO attorneys and subscribers; the database is searchable by pleading type, filer, and county.
  • Practical manuals, such as the Defender Guide to the MDOC and Defender Guide to Commutations.
  • Access to live trainings and a wealth of archived training videos and materials on topics such as motion practice, sentencing, forensic sciences, and much more.
  • 24 hour access to a criminal defense attorney-only e-mail and web-based forum with over 1,000 criminal defense attorney subscribers.
  • SADO's Defender Evidence Manual Annotated containing the Michigan Rules of Evidence with published and relevant unpublished caselaw organized by rule number for quick reference.
  • SADO's Defender Guide to Search & Seizure in Michigan contains comprehensive case annotations, practice pointers, critical questions for inquiry, and case law on emerging issues, including the resurgence of the “property rights” theory of governmental intrusion.
  • SADO's Appellate Manual offers a comprehensive guide for attorneys practicing in Michigan’s Court of Appeals and Supreme Court.
  • SADO's Reentry Guidebook attempts to capture the basic information needed to navigate the sometimes-complicated procedures for obtaining basic needs, such as housing, identification, employment, and education. Each chapter contains its own table of contents and cross-references, allowing quick identification of useful material. Key word searching is available on all of our online materials.

Print versions of our Defender Books, Criminal Defense Newsletters, and Manuals can be purchased separately or in addition to any web-based product plan. Full information and pricing can be found and purchased online using SADO's Products page. Or, download this form.

If you are an Indigent Defense Attorney or from a Public Defender Office, please use this fillable form.

Any questions or concerns about our web subscriptions or products can be directed to Heather Waara at 313-256-9833 or

If you need immediate access to resources, please contact Subscription Support.