Upcoming Workshops

SADO’s Project Reentry facilitates monthly workshops aimed at assisting formerly incarcerated individuals with essential life skills necessary for a successful transition home.

2020 Workshops

  1. Entrepreneurship 101, February 16, 2020: The workshop featured a panel of speakers who shared their entrepreneurship knowledge and journeys.

  2. Mental Wellness, April 2, 2020: The workshop featured small group sessions led by mental health professionals to address issues of stigma, coping, and individual mental health experiences.

  3. Wednesday Wellness, April 22, 2020: The workshop featured a large group discussion about wellness issues for formerly incarcerated individuals and provided support and community for attendees.

  4. Wednesday Wellness, May 6, 2020: The workshop focused on self-care, self-love, and self-preservation.

  5. A Season for Growth, May 31, 2020: The workshop focuses on becoming more sure of yourself for formerly incarcerated individuals.

  6. Starting a Business Through a Co-op, November 8, 2020: The workshop focuses on avenues for formerly incarcerated individuals to start a business.

2019 Workshops 

  1. Reentry Roundtable, February 24, 2019: Kimberly Woodson facilitated a roundtable discussion on self care after incarceration. 

  2. Tis the Season: Tax Season, March 31, 2019: Attendees discussed all things finances, including tax preparation, building credit, money management, and home buyer education. Presenters and small group leaders included: Ana Kolosova from the Low Income Taxpayer Clinic, SADO Assistant Defender Sofia Nelson, and volunteers John  Woodson and Karl Henkel.

  3. The Art Workshop: April 28, 2019: The workshop was presented in collaboration with the Prison Creative Arts Project (PCAP). Attendees had the opportunity to create a self-portrait using unique art styles and present their final product to the group. This workshop focused on artistic expression and public speaking.

  4. The Technology Workshop: May 19,2019: This was a hands-on technology workshop led by the Detroit School for Digital Technology. Breakout sessions will included information on the latest smart phone apps, basic email and Google Drive functions, using different GPS navigation platforms, and networking on social media.

  5. The Keys to Success Workshop, June 30, 2019: The workshop featured a roundtable discussion led by formerly incarcerated individuals Demetrius Knuckles and Corey Bibbs with an open space for dialogue about the meaning of success and how people coming home from prison achieve their own success.

  6. Life Mapping, September 22, 2019: The workshop was led by Recovery Park's Anna Kohn; participants acquired tools to successfully make decisions and set personal and professional goals for the future.

  7. Medicare, Medicaid & Healthcare Workshop, October 27, 2019: The workshop was led by A'Narris Monger and the Church of the Messiah. Participants learned how to pick a healthcare policy that meets their individual needs and discussed barriers to access to healthcare for those coming home from incarceration.

  8. End of Year Celebration, December 8, 2019: The event offered a time to share space with friends and members of the community before the start of the new year.
2018 Workshops 

  1. Building Your Credit, February 1, 2018: SADO Assistant Defender Sofia Nelson offered tips around understanding credit, what factors can affect one’s credit, and how to build good credit. Attendees learned how to check their credit report and credit score, and began to think about financial planning for the future. 

  2. Building Positive Relationships, February 21, 2018: Rae Johnson from the Oakland Livingston Human Services Agency (OLHSA) spoke to individuals about love, communication, support, courtship, and respect in relationships of all types. 

  3. Taxpayer Tips, March 21, 2018: Students and Professor Nicole Appleberry from the University of Michigan Law School Low Income Taxpayer Clinic spoke to attendees about basic tax information, best practices for tracking income, various income tax credits, common scams, and where to turn to for help. 

  4. Family Day and Celebration, May 20, 2018: Clients and their families enjoyed a home cooked meal while hearing about the Smart Justice Campaign from ACLU's Field Director, Rodd Monts. We also celebrated expecting mother and client Kimberly Simmons before she welcomed her new baby girl. 

  5. Eastern Market Workshop, June 24, 2018: Christine Quane from Detroit’s Eastern Market discussed various programs that promote healthy eating on a budget. She was also able to speak generally about Fresh Wagon routes, bus routes to the market, double up opportunities for the bridge card, and connecting with local food movement efforts.

  6. The Restaurant Opportunities Center, July 22, 2018: Allen Lee, the director of the Restaurant Opportunities Center (ROC), discussed the various opportunities available within the restaurant industry. Mr. Lee facilitated a dialogue about how individuals can use their transferable skills to be successful in multiple roles within the restaurant industry. 

  7. Yoga and Mindfulness, September 23, 2018: Certified yoga instructor, Gayatri Mohan-Iyengar taught our clients numerous grounding breathing exercises, mindfulness practices, and gentle yoga tips. This workshop served as a great segue into thinking about mental health and practical ways to improve it in your daily life. 

  8. Mental Wellness, November 18, 2018: The Western Michigan University Counseling Psychology Graduate Student Organization facilitated a discussion about common mental health experiences following incarceration and options for resources and counseling.

  9. Community Holiday and Graduation Celebration, December 11, 2018: Project Reentry hosted a community holiday and graduation celebration for the graduating members of SADO's Project Reentry team. 

2017 Workshops

  1. Technology Part 1, June 28, 2017: SADO partnered with the Detroit Public Library for the first workshop. The library employees presented on internet safety and online job searches. After the workshop, the attendees had an opportunity to gather and discuss their experiences while sharing a meal. 

  2. Support Group Roundtable, August 16, 2017: Attendees shared their experiences since release, which included stories of depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders. The group discussed the need for a strong support network of and for returning citizens. 

  3. Technology Part 2, September 6, 2017: SADO's Programmer Eric Buchanan presented on various technology issues, including internet safety, security, and privacy, and social network services. 

  4. Career Readiness, October 25, 2017: Professor Matthew Smith from the University of Michigan School of Social Work spoke to attendees about interviewing and job readiness. Attendees practiced job interviewing through a virtual interviewing simulation program. Attendees also worked on job applications. 

  5. Budgeting and Financing, November 7, 2017: Project Reentry team member Alison Brokke spoke to attendees about creating and managing a budget, cutting expenses, opening a bank account, writing checks, and credit vs. debit. Attendees had the opportunity to share their own money management experiences and shared useful tips with each other. 

  6. Life Mapping, December 13, 2017: Anna Kohn, community leader, talked to attendees about goal setting, life mapping, follow through, strategic planning, and long and short term vision setting. Attendees learned techniques and strategies for achieving success in personal, social, and professional settings.

Workshop Date, Time, and Location

Workshops are held at locations to be announced. Online livestream is available for those not in the Detroit area. If interested in that option, contact us at reentry@sado.org. Workshops are typically held on Sundays from 2-4pm.

Who Can Attend? 

All formerly incarcerated individuals are welcome, especially returning juvenile lifers. Friends and family, community leaders and activists, students, teachers, and kids are also welcome. 

How Can You Help?

If you’re interested in facilitating a workshop, assisting with transportation, donating refreshments, or helping out in any way, please contact us at reentry@sado.org.


Email reentry@sado.org or call 313-256-9833 to RSVP.