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2018 Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder 1:26:33 2017 Fall CDAM Conference 11 Videos 2017 MAACS Fall Training 6 Videos
2017 MAACS New Attorney Orientation 7 Videos How to Get a Ginther Hearing 56:36 2017 Spring CDAM Conference 5 Videos
2016 Fall CDAM Conference 3 Videos Immigration Consequences of Juvenile Delinquency 1:56:49 Motions to Remand 101 1:07:08
Immigration Consequences of Criminal Activity 2:10:16 MAACS 2016 New Attorney Orientation 7 Videos MAACS 2016 Fall Training 7 Videos
Firearms 101: A Basic Nontechnical Introduction and A Bit More 1:57:53 Dalman Investigations: Digital Forensics 50:59 Emergency JLWOP Training for MAACS Lawyers (06.27.2016) 1:00:01
Tech Tips for the Un-Technical 59:04 Identifying, Investigating, and Litigating Cases Involving “Abusive Head Trauma” 1:20:00 Adolescent Development and Its Impact On Juvenile Justice 1:31:06
User Pleadings Tutorial 4:33 MAACS Fall Training - October 14-15, 2015 11 Videos Social Media and Motion Practice 1:13:10
Lockridge: What You Need to Know 1:04:45 Sentencing Law Update 1:31:45 Advanced Topics in Pleas & Sentencing 1:25:30
Juvenile Competency and Mental Health Issues 1:16:55 Appellate Timeline Training 1:00:06 Interstate Compact and the Process of Facilitating the Transfer of Inmates 30:08
Suppression Motions 1:14:39
Suppression Motions
Michigan Legislative, Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Update 2 Videos MAACS 2014 Fall Training 6 Videos
Bindovers, Appeals, and Innovative Motion Practice 1:18:56 Smarter Sentencing: An All-inclusive Training Event for Criminal Justice Practitioners 2 Videos Michigan Felony Sentencing Law Update 1:17:28
Master Class:Preserving the Record & Looking Down the Road 1:32:35 SBM Criminal Law Section 7th Spring Conference 7 Videos Use of COMPAS at Sentencing - What Every Defense Attorney Needs to Know 1:25:58
Preparing a Trial Book, Paper and Electronic 1:48:00 MAACS 2013 Fall Training 6 Videos Advanced Sentencing Seminar 1:49:40
How To Conduct A 30-Minute Voir Dire 1:43:41 SADO’s DNA Project Training 1:02:52 Criminal Law/Legislative Update 2 Videos
Do’s and Don’ts of Motion Practice 1:20:34 Advanced Felony Sentencing Seminar 1:37:01 Felony Sentencing Seminar 2 Videos
Questioning Child Witnesses 1:34:40 Sentence Enhancements and the New HO4 Laws 2 Videos How to Prepare Your Client to Testify at Trial 1:58:48
Michigan Sentencing Guidelines Boot Camp 08.03.2012 3 Videos Advanced Michigan Sentencing Guidelines Seminar 3 Videos Michigan Felony Sentencing Seminar - Marquette 2 Videos
Nuts and Bolts Overview of the State Defender Office 4:18 Cross-Examination of Snitches, Rats and Informants 1:55:40 Reading Medical Records 1:05:46
J. McCann 1:48:51
J. McCann
Chat With Barbara 2:17
Chat With Barbara
Judge Timothy Kenny 5:04
Judge Timothy Kenny
Border Issues Brown Bag 2 Videos

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