Upcoming Events

Date Org. Event Location
June 18, 2024 SADO AI for Trial Attorneys Zoom
June 20, 2024 SADO/MAACS Representing Youth with Trauma Zoom
June 21, 2024 SBM Prisons and Corrections Spring Conference Zoom
July 12, 2024 SADO Story Telling and Report Writing for Social Workers & Mitigation Specialists Zoom
July 16, 2024 SADO Working with Investigators Zoom
July 18, 2024 CDAM A is for Attorney Grand Rapids, MI
July 19-20, 2024 CDAM Annual Summer Conference Grand Rapids, MI
August 12-15, 2024 NAPD We the Defenders (for all but the social work track) Detroit, MI
August 20, 2024 SADO What Clients Want from their Public Defenders Zoom
September 5, 2024 SADO Pronouns and Language Zoom
September 13, 2024 SADO Client Relationships and Boundaries for Social Workers & Mitigation Specialists Zoom
September 17, 2024 SADO Eyewitness Identification Zoom
October 3, 2024 SADO CPS Interviewing, Part II Zoom
October 15, 2024 SADO Reading DNA Reports Zoom
October 18-19, 2024 MPC Mitigating with Impact: Harnessing the Power of Social Atoms in Sentencing Birmingham, MI
November 15-16, 2024 CDAM Annual Fall Conference Bellaire, MI
November 19, 2024 SADO State Habeas Corpus Zoom