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NACDL - The Busy Lawyer’s Guide to Hearsay: Part II

Time: June 1, 2022 - 2pm
Location: Zoom

The Busy Lawyer’s Guide to Hearsay: Part II.

Rene Valladares, Federal Public Defender, District of Nevada and author of A Defender’s Guide to Federal Evidence, presents this evidence series designed for the busy practitioner.

This is a two part series and Part I was on May 25, 2022. Registrants are encouraged to submit questions and case issues beforehand so Mr. Valladares can address them as part of these interactive sessions (submit to

This session will provide a roadmap for dealing with character evidence (FRE 404 and 405), including how to defend against 404(b) prior bad act evidence, and how to use FRE 404(b) to bolster the defense case. It will cover character evidence in the context of sexual assault cases (FRE 413) and child molestation cases (FRE 414). How to attack the credibility of witnesses for untruthfulness (FRE 608), and the rules dealing with impeachment by criminal conviction (FRE 609) will also be discussed.

Online registration, here.