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NAPD - History Matters: Using History and Data to Develop Theories, Form Defenses, and Get Results

Time: September 13-November 1, 2022
Location: Online Course

This course is a must-take for attorneys, investigators, mitigation specialists, and defense team members who want to conduct thorough investigations to answer questions essential to defending individuals impacted by the criminal legal system. Where we come from matters. We know that history is directly linked to many of the issues that directly impact the trajectory of our clients' lives. But how often do we collect information that allows us to tell a story of historical impact, prejudice, oppression, community, and trauma and how it affects our clients? This course will give participants the tools to conduct such an investigation. This course will include lectures from nationally recognized experts. In small group sessions, faculty and coaches will assist participants with an active case to complete a multi-level historical investigation that would be helpful at any dispositional phase of your case.

Course Learning Objectives:
  • Utilize strategies and tools to investigate clients’ lives.
  • Review studies, research, reports, etc. that document the impact of violence and poverty on overall well-being and long-standing effects.
  • Participate in and model normalizing open discussion of how history matters via discussion boards and group discussions.
  • Increased appreciation of the impact of history, prejudice, oppression, culture, and community trauma.
  • Support each other in a small group space for debriefing, brainstorming, incubating ideas, and providing accountability for goals.
Additional information and online registration, here