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MPC - Mitigating with Impact: Harnessing the Power of Social Atoms in Sentencing

Time: October 18-19, 2024
Location: Birmingham, MI

Join esteemed Michigan criminal defense attorney Patrick Barone and renowned Arizona sentence mitigation expert attorney Doug Passon for an immersive two-day workshop exploring innovative approaches to sentence mitigation in criminal law cases.

In this dynamic workshop, participants will learn to leverage the powerful combination of the social atom model from psychodrama and the ABT (And, But, Therefore) narrative template, as outlined in Doug Passon's groundbreaking book "Narrative Gym for Law."

The social atom model provides a comprehensive framework for understanding the social dynamics surrounding an individual and exploring further avenues of mitigation, while the ABT narrative template offers a structured approach to crafting compelling and persuasive sentencing narratives once the mitigation information is uncovered and developed.

Through interactive exercises, case studies, and discussions, attendees will gain hands-on experience and actionable strategies to enhance their advocacy skills and achieve better outcomes for their clients.

Psychodrama is an action method of psychotherapy that has long been viewed as a highly effective tool for trial preparation and presentation. But did you know that psychodrama is also an incredible tool for preparing lawyers, clients, and witnesses for SENTENCING? Therefore, come learn with us how to use this incredible tool to create more compelling plea negotiation and sentence mitigation narratives for your clients.

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