SADO and MAACS Staff Directory

Jonathan Sacks, Director, ext. 2901 or 5840

SADO Staff

Doug Baker, Assistant Defender, ext. 2952

Erin Bartels, Assistant Defender, ext. 5842

Nia Bonds, Mitigation Specialist, ext. 2957

Eric Buchanan, CDRC/MAACS Developer, ext. 2912

Jose Burgos, Reentry Specialist, ext. 2939

Garrett Burton, Assistant Defender, ext. 2908

Cynthia Carter, Legal Assistant, ext. 2961

Angela Clayton, General Office Assistant, ext. 2941

Ashley Craythorne, Special Assistant Defender, ext. 2973

Julianne Cuneo, Chief Investigator, ext. 2965

Monique Dake, Mitigation Specialist, ext. 5845

Marilena David, Deputy Director, Criminal Defense Resource Center Manager, ext. 2926

Wendy Dealca, Human Resources & Office Manager, ext. 2905

Jean Downey, Legal Secretary & Office Manager, ext. 5841

Jason Eggert, Assistant Defender, ext. 2970

Tonia Frazier-Akins, Legal Assistant, ext. 2922

Fernando Gaitan, Information Technology Manager, ext. 2907

Rasheed Gilmer, Assistant Defender, ext. 2942

Lorenzo Harrell, General Clerk, ext. 0

Tabitha Harris, Assistant Defender, ext. 2962

Steven Helton, Assistant Defender, ext. 2971

Ramzy Jaafar, Information Technology Technician, ext. 2966

Angie Jackson, Investigator, ext. 2935

Rita Jajjoka, Case Coordinator, ext. 2927

Anna Kohn, Reentry and Parole Lead, ext. 2955

Lisa Lamarre, Paralegal, ext. 2954

Katherine Marcuz, Managing Attorney, ext. 2924

Jacqueline McCann, Assistant Defender, ext. 2932

Angeles Meneses, Assistant Defender, ext. 2972

Maya Menlo, Assistant Defender, ext. 2933

Kristen Minear, Case Coordinator, ext. 2940

Michael Mittlestat, Assistant Defender, ext. 2936

Matt Monahan, Assistant Defender, ext. 2969

Bill Moy, Criminal Defense Resource Center Production Manager, ext. 2915

Jessica Newton, Assistant Defender, ext. 2930

Tina Olson, Assistant Defender, ext. 5846

Jacqueline Ouvry, Assistant Defender, ext. 2929

Lindsay Ponce, Assistant Defender, ext. 2974

Chelsea Richardson, Mitigation Specialist, ext. 2904

Frank Rodriguez, Paralegal, ext. 5851

Amanda Smith, Case Coordinator, ext. 2920

Bryan Vance, Finance Manager, ext. 2906

Michael Waldo, Assistant Defender, ext. 2950

Heather Waara, Criminal Defense Resource Center Administrative Assistant, ext. 2917

Claire Ward, Assistant Defender, ext. 2968

Jazmine Wells, Mitigation Specialist, ext. 2951

Marcus Williams, Reentry Specialist, ext. 2913

Adrienne Young, Assistant Defender, ext. 2959

Jessica Zimbelman, Managing Attorney, ext. 5844


Bradley R. Hall, Administrator, ext. 1206

Patricia Maceroni, Deputy Administrator, ext. 1205

Stephanie Farkas, Litigation Support Counsel, ext. 2967

MariaRosa J. Palmer, Assignment and Office Manager, ext. 1203

Terry Huhn, Assignment Coordinator, ext. 1202

Sabrina Schneider, Roster Coordinator, ext. 1204

Emily Swanson, Mitigation Specialist, ext. 2527

Joshua Pease, Youth Defense Project Director, ext. 1205