SADO Attorney to Argue Before the Michigan Supreme Court

Hall of Justice, Lansing, November 9, 2023
On Thursday, November 9, Assistant Defender Michael Mittlestat will present argument on the application filed in People v Marquis Deangelo Nelson, MSC No. 164307 (COA No. 353548).

The Court has directed the parties to address: “(1) whether the Court of Appeals correctly held that only Officer Mikael Ziegler exceeded the scope of permissible drug profile testimony, and that Sergeant Kurt Roth did not; and (2) whether the Court of Appeals correctly applied the prejudice prongs of the analyses for plain error, see People v Carines, 460 Mich 750, 763-764 (1999), and ineffective assistance of counsel, see Strickland v Washington, 466 US 668, 694-695 (1984)."

The case will be the third case argued in the morning session, which begins at 9:30 AM. Arguments will be live-streamed at this link.