The JLWOP Capital of the World

From the February 2024 Criminal Defense Newsletter

No country other than the United States permits sentencing children to life without parole, and Michigan leads the nation in people serving this sentence.  Read more

Spotlight on: Raymond C. Walen, Jr

From the February 2024 Criminal Defense Newsletter

Spotlight is a regular feature of SADO's Criminal Defense Newsletter (CDN), in which we get to know a member of the Michigan criminal defense community a little better. In the February 2024 CDN, we put a spotlight on Raymond C. Walen, Jr.. Read more

SADO Attorneys to argue before MSC at March session

March 13 & 14, 2024, Hall of Justice, Lansing MI

SADO Director Jonathan Sacks and Assistant Defenders Claire Ward and Jacqueline McCann will present argument before the Michigan Supreme Court on March 13 and 14, 2024.  Read more

SADO'S Juvenile Lifer Unit seeks legal and mitigation interns

Applications accepted on a rolling basis

SADO's Juvenile Lifter Unit (JLU) is seeking legal and mitigation interns to help with client intake, record collection, record review and analysis, and initial legal advocacy for individuals who are newly eligible for resentencing hearings.  Read more

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