Current Operations

The Criminal Defense Resource Center supports over a thousand of Michigan criminal defense attorneys, trial and appellate, with a wide range of web-based services, publications, phone consultations, and training events.

The web-based services include access to our brief bank, monthly emailed copies of the Criminal Defense Newsletter and appellate decision summaries, online and PDF access to the most current Defender Trial, Plea & Sentencing, Motions and Habeas Books, and practical manuals, including the “Defender Guide for Attorneys: Policies and Procedures of the Michigan Department of Corrections,” “Defender Evidence Manual Annotated,” “Defender Guide to Michigan’s Commutation Process,” “Defender Guide to Search & Seizure in Michigan,” “Defender Appellate Manual,” the “Reentry Guidebook,” the “Representing Individuals Facing Juvenile Life Without Parole Manual,” and the “Defender Sentencing Guidelines Manual Annotated.