Reentry Guidebook

The Reentry Book was developed by SADO’s Project Reentry. Project Reentry was formed in 2016 in direct response to the needs of our clients returning home from long stays of incarceration.

Reentry back into the community for any formerly incarcerated person can be difficult and can be especially difficult for individuals who serve lengthy incarceration stays. Individuals coming home from prison or jail need assistance with identifying community support, learning how to use technology, developing skills to manage finances, finding reliable transportation or obtaining a driver’s license, applying for public benefits, finding employment and housing, and much more.

This book attempts to capture the basic information needed to navigate the sometimes-complicated procedures for obtaining basic needs, such as housing, identification, employment, and education. We hope our client population, and those supporting and serving them, will find it useful.

The 2023 Reentry Book is open to all and you can access it online, here. You can also purchase a printed copy by visiting our Products Page for $5.