Fee Information

Compensation for assigned felony appeals is provided directly by the trial courts and their county funding units. While many trial courts maintain unique local assignment lists and attorney fee policies, a growing number have joined regional assignment lists by adopting a standard attorney fee policy.

If a MAACS roster attorney received an appointment after June 5, 2017, they should submit an attorney fee voucher using the MAACS voucher system accessible through the MAACS Portal of the SADO website. The attorney may begin creating a voucher as soon as the appointment order is signed, with new legal services and expenses added as they are accrued. Or, the attorney may create the voucher all at once at the conclusion of representation.

Training videos for the voucher system can be found here. If you have any questions about vouchers or attorney fee policies, please contact maacsvouchers@sado.org.

**Effective October 1, 2023**

Regional Assignment List Circuit Map (updated, September, 2023)

Standard Attorney Fee and Expense Policy (updated, March, 2024)

Standard Attorney Fee Voucher (Contact MAACS)

Attorney Fee Resources - including case law on counsel compensation, sample motion for attorney fees and expenses, sample motion for appointment of investigator and experts, and more.

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