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About the MAACS Roster:

MAACS was established to maintain a quality statewide roster of attorneys eligible and willing to accept appellate defense assignments from Michigan’s trial courts in criminal and delinquency cases. We seek conscientious lawyers with diverse backgrounds and experiences who are committed to providing high quality representation to their clients. To apply to join the MAACS roster, an attorney must submit a completed application and supporting materials. The admission process is competitive.

Upon completing an orientation program, new MAACS criminal roster attorneys are presumptively eligible to handle preconviction appeals as well as direct appeals from plea convictions, resentencings, and probation violation proceedings. Attorneys with sufficient relevant experience may be approved to handle direct appeals from trial convictions, postconviction proceedings under MCR 6.500, appeals from parole determinations, and other complex matters. Attorneys admitted to the youth roster are presumptively eligible to handle any appeal arising from a juvenile court.

Roster attorneys may choose which geographic regions from which they wish to receive assignments, as well as the type of assignments they receive. The frequency of assignments varies by region and may depend on many different dynamics. More information is available at the following links:

Assignment Region Map

Attorney Fee Policy

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