National Reports and Studies

ABA Formal Opinion 06-441, Ethical Obligations of Lawyers Who Represent Indigent Criminal Defendants When Excessive Caseloads Interfere, May 13, 2006.

ABA Report on Gideon's Broken Promise, nationwide, 2004, and an ABA web site including an interactive map describing each state's system.

ABA Report on Use of Contracts for Defense Services, opposing contracts awarded on basis of cost alone, 1985

ABA "Ten Principles of a Public Defense Delivery System," adopted by ABA House of Delegates, February 5, 2002

Americans Consider Indigent Defense: Analysis of a National Study of Public Opinion, January, 2002

Assigned Counsel Policies adopted by the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, May, 1997. Eight goals to guide NACDL, focusing on basic constitutional principles including the right of indigent defendants to quality representation.

Expenditures for Indigent Defense Services, all states, 2002; Spangenberg Group.

Indigent Defense Services in Large Counties, 1999, Bureau of Justice Statistics Bulletin.

Guidelines for Negotiating and Awarding Governmental Contracts for Criminal Defense Services, containing guidelines on caseloads, compensation, support services and contract administration, National Legal Aid and Defender Association, 1984.

Index of National, State and Local Standards and Guidelines relating to Administration of Defense Services, Spangenberg Group, 1997.

Making the Case: Therapeutic Jurisprudence and Problem Solving Practices Positively Impact Clients, Justice Systems and Communites They Serve, Cait Clark and James Neuhard, Spring, 2005, published 17 St. Thomas L. Rev. 781.

Model Contract for Public Defense Services, National Legal Aid and Defender Association, 2000

Performance Guidelines for Criminal Defense Representation, National Legal Aid and Defender Association, 1995.

The Price of Justice: Money, Fairness and the Right to Counsel, Analysis of Focus Groups on Indigent Defense conducted for the Open Society Institute and the National Legal Aid and Defender Association, by Belden Russonello & Stewart, September, 2000.

Rates of Compensation for Court-Appointed Counsel in Non-Capital Felonies at Trial, Spangenberg Group, July, 2002.

Rates of Compensation Paid to Court-Appointed Counsel in Non-Capital Felony Cases at Trial: A State By State Overview, Spangenberg Group, October, 2002.

Report of the Indigent Defense Focus Group of the Office of Justice Programs and Bureau of Justice Assistance, November, 1997. Group reported a "strong consensus" that indigent defense has not received its "fair share" of funding when compared to other components of the justice system.